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Western Gypsite, LLC, is a mining company that strictly mines gypsite deposits in the sloping Gypsum Dunes near Knolls, Utah — just west of the Great Salt Lake.

One of Western Gypsite’s main selling points is that it mines ultra-fine grains of gypsite, which is rare to find in the United States.  However, within the Gypsum Dunes, there is plenty of this type of gypsite.  It is one of only two locations in the U.S. that has the right consistency of this particular gypsite.  While many other mining companies have to grind and pulverize their gypsum to reach a certain “mesh” level, no one has the natural consistency and quality like that of Western Gypsite’s finely ground version (40 mesh) of this mineral.  Our mine has been surveyed and has the capability of providing a 100 year supply of gypsite.

Western Gypsite does not use explosives or drills of any type to reach its gypsite in the ground.  The company mines its gypsite directly from its natural state in the earth — literally scooping it up off the surface.  This is particularly ideal for farmers and other agricultural specialists looking for this type of “natural” product.  In addition, our gypsite is ready immediately for commercial and consumer use.

Western Gypsite’s gypsite has a variety of uses for the farming and agricultural industries.