While there are a variety of uses for gypsite, agriculture can see many positive attributes for using it.

Peanuts-Western Gypsite

Sugarbeets-Western Gypsite

wheat-Western Gypsite

corn-western gypsite potatoes-western gypsite-western gypsite

For Soil and Crops

  • Provides much needed calcium and sulfate — helps plants absorb plant nutrients
  • Helps loosen clay and hard or compacted soil — improves the permeability of the soil and helps allow deeper water infiltration
  • Improves the soil to allow easier penetration of surface fertilizers
  • Helps condition and improve the soil and decrease the salinity of salty soils
  • Helps prevent some plant diseases in produce

For Livestock and Farms

  • Great source of calcium and sulfate for pastures
  • Not harmful to humans, animals, plant life, and the environment. Does not burn.


This affordable mineral is ideal for various crops, such as potatoes, corn, sugarbeets, alfalfa, wheat, barley, fruits, cotton, and peanuts.  Also works well with grass pastures.

Western Gypsite — Knolls, Utah

Chemist Evaluations on Raw Samples of Gypsite
— Different Dune Sets (2014)

Chemical Table-Western Gypsite